Casa Familiar believes that Community Design and Development depends on community involvement on all fronts, such as: education, economics, public art, politics, urbanism, architecture, and a sustainable border life that is guided by equity, equality and social justice.

Our departments’ vision is for the San Ysidro community and border region that it is a part of, be recognized and recognize itself that the area as a place in which residents, businesses, public and other entities are respected and must be involved in the work of affecting the community to its maximum potential. Casa Familiar established the department in 1984.

While our core work is to provide real property development and affordable housing production (through housing partnerships or our own small-medium projects) our Community Design efforts ensure that Bi-National, Federal, State, Regional, Community and Neighbor-to-Neighbor built environment issues have every opportunity to be resolved to their best solution. Some of our solutions include: testing policy and development processes, challenging the typical affordable housing development approaches while innovating, connecting multi-jurisdictional parties for solving difficult issues and our continuum of community advocacy and engagement workshops called “San Ysidro: Unlimited/Sin Limites”.

Our affordable housing development work has ensured us a much more sustainable, long-term revenue stream, than just depending on government funding sources as well as allowing the advancement of the goals set by the agency & its mission.