Cultivating Advocacy

At Casa, advocacy is more than rallies and marches. Advocacy is giving a voice to those that aren’t often heard, and about creating solutions that look beyond borders, and beyond immediate situations. At Casa, advocacy is identifying areas that need attention, and then creating tangible steps to address those areas.

La Semilla Project

La Semilla (translated as “The Seed”) is a climate resiliency pilot project which will provide the seed to grow sustainability in San Ysidro.

Casa Familiar envisions this multi-purpose space as one link in a chain of shared civic spaces in the neighborhood that provide meaningful programming and outdoor experiences.

La Semilla will be a project with 5 spaces that will bring mobility, green technology, art, community services, and greening all in one place for the community. Casa Familiar is actively engaging and curating resident input on co-designing public aspects of the design that will be a central neighborhood focus.