Dia de la Mujer Exhibit Participants


The Dia de la Mujer Exhibition strives to be a safe space for women artists, to celebrate ourselves through art without fear and in our full glory. We hope that in creating artwork for this exhibition, participating artists find a unique process of PLAYING and creating

JURY PANELIST:, Melly Barragan, Visual Artist, Co-director of TJINCHINA ProjectSpace, Norma Iglesias Prieto,Professor and Chair of the Department of Chicana and Chicano Studies at San Diego State University and Ginger Shulick Porcella, arts administrator and curator, and Executive Director of the San Diego Art Institute

LIve Music:

Madame Ur y sus Hombres is one of the most creative groups on the Tijuana music scene. Their mix of cabaret, art rock, theatrical rock and jazz creates a very particular sound that is outstanding among alternative groups.

The group do performances with entities such as the Baja California Orchestra at big scale concerts, as well as playing their own music at a small hidden cabaret in the city. Madame Ur is an alter ego with a strong bestial femenine presence that dances in silence al the rhythm of her men. Performances go from laughter to tears and vice versa, as a smooth knife filled with kisses. Madame Ur y sus Hombres have performed in Baja California, California, Chicago, Houston, DF, Oaxaca, Medellin, among other places.12079870_964804866921408_1421888546217306415_o

The participant artists are:

Gwen Gomez, Erika Murriet, Lucia Denton, Aurora Bewicke, Elizabeth Alamina, Magaly Roman, Denise Von Borstel, Oslyn Whizar, Carmen Campuzano, Cat Chiu Philips, Azahalia Valdez, Kim Cruz, Ollie Zin, Liz Vaillard, Elizabeth Alderete, Chi Essary, Carolyn bran, Ilse Almazan, Ana Acosta, Silvia P Ruiz, Norma Campos, Becky Guttin, Beliz Iristay, Gabriela Mejia, Susan Osborn, Lily Frettlohr, Karen Cooks-Starks, Rissa Edwards, Maria Swadener, Maria Teresa Corona, Alma Bejarano, Elsa Valdez, Nubia Velazquez, Paola (Panca) Villaseñor, Margarita Velazquez, Denise Lacarra, Cynthia Zaragoza-Roman, Paula Flores, Lupita Shabazi, Diana Duval, Laura Hurtado, Elizabeth Garcia Molina, Martha Rañon, Marie Elena Jimenez.

Winners of the 2016 Dia de la Mujer Exhibit Contest.


Becky Guttin 1st
Ct Chui Phillips 2nd
Ollie Zin 3rd


Panca (Paola Villaseñor) 1st
Paula Flores 2nd
Cynthia Zaragoza 3rd.

Congratulations and thanks to everyone for being part of this commemoration!

Visit the exhibit tuesdays and wednesdays from 10am to 4:00pm and saturdays: March 19th and March 26th from 11 am to 3 pm.. The exhibit will run until Thursday April 14th.