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In Mexico, Día de Reyes (known elsewhere as the Epiphany) is celebrated on January 6th. This holiday represents the day the Three Wise Men—Los Tres Reyes Magos, gave arrived in Bethlehem to see  the newborn king, Jesus, and the day closes the Christmas festivities. On dia de los Reyes, children typically receive small gifts which include trinkets and candy.

During Día de Los Reyes, Mexicans serve Rosca de Reyes, or King’s Cake. “Rosca” means wreath and “reyes” means kings. The Rosca de Reyes has an oval shape to symbolize a crown and has a small doll inside, which represents baby Jesus. The doll figure symbolizes the hiding of the infant Jesus from King Herod’s troops. Traditionally, Roscas are adorned with dried and candied fruits to symbolize the many jewels that a crown would have. The person who gets the slice with the doll must host a party (typically featuring tamales) on Día de la Candelaria in February.