El K-FE is Casa Familiar’s social enterprise consisting of a youth-run coffee cart. The majority of the baristas were graduates of Casa Familiar’s workforce development training. Located inside San Ysidro Health (SYH) premises, El K-FE addresses a retail need while building capacity and sustainability for youth employment as baristas.

Since the grand opening in October 2018, El K-FE baristas have been perfecting their skills while providing much needed specialty coffee in San Ysidro and specifically to San Ysidro Health Center. El K-FE social enterprise engages youth in an array of industry areas including: food & worker safety, cash handling, inventory & purchasing fundamentals, cost & pricing, quality control, marketing, menu design and leadership.

El K-FE partnered with Bird Rock Roasters and Café Moto to gain insight into the San Diego coffee industry. These local industry experts have coordinated cuppings and a tour of their roasting facilities. Bird Rock Roasters also facilitated a latte art class for El K-FE baristas.

El K-FE celebrated its first year in operation in October 2019 with affogatos for sale and a cake that was shared with San Ysidro Health employees. El K-FE continues to cultivate a coffee culture around specialty coffee in San Ysidro while providing youth practical work experience.

San Ysidro Health (across the court yard from the pharmacy)

4004 Beyer Boulevard

San Ysidro, CA 92173

Hours of operation:  CLOSED- due to shelter in place order until further notice.

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