Fall Festival

This event is possible because of our collaboration and donations from SDSU, 200 SDSU student volunteers, mural artists working with our volunteers, and contributions from the SY Chamber of Commerce and Primera Market & Gas. This is also all possible because of the leadership of our Casa team, especially Nacho …

San Ysidro Air Monitoring Community Workshop

Purpose The purpose of the steering committee is to listen to concerns that residents have about air quality in San Ysidro and surrounding areas, and to get advice from residents on the best locations to place a network of low-cost air monitors. After we get comments from the participants in this study and our technical advisory group, we will put air monitors around the city of San Ysidro, CA and nearby locations. Monitoring will take place from July 2016 to July 2017.

San Diego Union Tribune interviews Andrea Skorepa, who is retiring in August after 36 of service to the community of San Ysidro

To Andrea Skorepa, San Ysidro is a place where the people should be supported and feel inspired to create the kind of community they want for themselves. For the past 35 years, she’s worked toward that as president and CEO of Casa Familiar, a nonprofit community development organization that offers various services to people in the community, from educational programs to affordable housing to art and culture.