Opening Reception: 12th Annual Dia de la Mujer exhibit at The Front

Curated by: Mely Barragán.


REDUCED, RESTRICTED, RESERVED BUT RESILIENT includes various visions and approaches of what is feminine. Feminization to transgender to masculinity viewed from the crumbling and dehumanizing perspective through the border relations of our times. Always being inspired by the history of woman who earned their place in the world by overcoming the tribulations and struggles that the patriarchy established. Some things have changed, yet gender-identity is still a battlefield. This project is a statement on the migration of women, focusing on the politics of gender.

Names of participant artists:

Through Open Call:

Maricruz Alvarado
Flavia D´urso
Gerda Govine
Amel Janae
Kathy Nida
María Ríos Mathioudakis
Alexis Romero
Rebeca Segura
Teresita de la Torre
Victoria Martínez
Meredith Sward

Invited Artists:

Gabriel Boils
Carmela Castrejón
Molly Gabbard
Yetta Howard
Carmina León
FIfi Martínez
Marisa Raygoza
Luis Alonso Sánchez
Aida Valencia
Paola Villaseñor PANCA
Jean Von Borstel
Alejandro Zacarías