San Ysidro Recreation and Community Center

The San Ysidro Community Center provides several services including: citizenship and English classes for adults, homework assistance for children ages 6 to 12, parent workshops, and piano classes.  


The San Ysidro Community & Recreation Center is the home-base for Casa Familiar’s San Diego Promise Neighborhood team. Under the San Diego Promise Neighborhood, Casa Familiar provides programming to increase parent engagement including Promotoras, health & education advocates, at school sites, a Resident Leadership Academy, the Neighborhood Survey and an annual Neighbor Day celebration. 


Our Transitional Housing Program office is also part of this facility, which offers temporary housing for families, up to 5 individuals. Transitional Housing clients are required to participate in our Financial Opportunity Center which will provide employment services, budgeting, and income support services. Preference is given to families receiving monetary benefits or employment income to allow them to plan for future housing. We accept victims of domestic violence and undocumented, documented, refugee and homeless families.  


The Center is also home to a family-friendly fitness center. The Fitness Center provides access to weights, elliptical and treadmill machines. Classes are provided by Casa Familiar Promotoras and include: Step, Yoga, Multi rhythmic, as well as Zumba and Senior Dance. For dates and time of all classes see schedule below. 


Fitness Center  

Membership $10 per month 

Monday through Thursday 

8am to 7pm  


Contact: Nirya Dominguez  –

619-428-1115 Ext 308 

San Ysidro Community & Recreation Center 

268 East Park Ave.  

Monday Through Thursday  

10am to 7pm  


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