San Diego’s $10 Million Win: Affordable Housing and Enhanced Mobility

San Diego has secured an impressive $10 million from a statewide funding pool of $30 million, thanks to a highly effective public-private partnership. This collaboration between the city, county, SANDAG, Casa Familiar, National CORE, and Malik Infill Development will result in hundreds of affordable homes, increased homeownership opportunities, and improved mobility pathways for southern San Diego residents.

The Power of Collaboration:
San Diego’s success showcases the power of collaboration. By joining forces, these entities have demonstrated the potential of public-private partnerships in addressing community needs.

Deeply Affordable Homes:
The funding will enable the creation of hundreds of deeply affordable homes, providing safe and affordable housing options for residents.

Expanded Homeownership Opportunities:
The partnership also aims to expand homeownership opportunities, allowing more individuals to achieve their dreams of owning a home and contributing to community growth.

Improved Mobility Pathways:
Investments in infrastructure and connectivity will enhance transportation options, making it easier for residents to access employment, education, and essential services.

The Impact of Public-Private Partnerships:
San Diego’s achievement exemplifies the positive impact of public-private partnerships. By leveraging resources and expertise, this collaboration unlocks opportunities that benefit the entire community.

San Diego’s $10 million win for affordable housing and enhanced mobility is a testament to the effectiveness of public-private partnerships. Through collaboration, the city, county, SANDAG, Casa Familiar, National CORE, and Malik Infill Development are creating a brighter future for southern San Diego residents.