Social Services Center “Andrea Skorepa”

The “Andrea Skorepa Social Services Center” is where Casa Familiar first started providing services to the community back in 1973. It was later named after Casa’s former CEO of over 30 years, Andrea Skorepa. At the Social Services Center, Casa staff help clients from all over the county and beyond with applications for government benefits, legal immigration services, and more. These services are offered at a low-cost and are available by walk-in or appointment basis.  


Casa Familiar is recognized by the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office of Legal Access Programs to be able to provide quality, low-cost legal immigration services.  For more details regarding services provided in this center please refer to the flyer below. 


Contact: Zoraida Colmanero  –

619-428-1115 Ext. 332 

Andrea Skorepa Social Services Center  

119 West Hall Ave.  

San Ysidro CA 92173 

Monday to Friday  

8am to 5pm 

Closed from: 12 to 1pm (Monday through Thursday) 12 to 1:30pm (Friday) 



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