WALLS: Cross Border Urban Art Exhibition


Cross Border Urban Art

The San Diego – Tijuana region is internationally recognized for its unique border dynamics. Artists have reflected the complex reality in their works, which are often embodied in urban spaces: alleys, businesses, building walls, trucks, just to mention a few,  thus sharing a testimonial with their community.

 The Municipal Institute of Art and Culture of Tijuana, (IMAC) in collaboration with The Front Arte Cultura in San Ysidro, will hold the binational collective exhibition “Walls – Cross Border Urban Art / Muros – Arte Urbano Interfronterizo” where urban artists and muralists from the region will exhibit their work, inside and outside the galleries, intervening public spaces on both sides of the border. Nine murals in total will be painted in both sides of the border. 

The exhibition will run from August 2020 until Oct 2020 although most of the murals will be permanent or semi permanent. If you´d like to make an appointment to see the indoor intervention by artist Gerver @gr.vr , or if you´d like to have a tour of the murals please contact franciscom@casafamiliar.org

Here is a map with the location of the murals in San Ysidro. We also included a few of other murals created before this project.